Intentional practice has been applied across multiple wellbeing, growth, educational, therapeutic and clinical contexts.

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‘How To’ Application

There are an unlimited number of ways intentional practice can be applied at the system, program or individual level. Across all potential applications, intentional practice brings focus to the ‘how to’.  For example:

For individuals, ‘how to’:

  • Grow wellbeing and thriving states in self and others.
  • Activate learning, wellbeing and behavioural outcomes through moment-to-moment supporting relationships.
  • Coach, supervise and support others.
  • Implement intentional trauma-informed practice.
  • Respond to the needs of clients, and not react to their behaviours.
  • Work with other people around a common approach and shared intent.

For agencies, ‘how to’:

  • Design and implement learning, wellbeing and behavioural programs.
  • Embed therapeutic practice across systems.
  • Strengthen and integrate existing program components or services around a common approach.
  • Implement intentional trauma-informed practice.
  • Implement and embed reflective practice.
  • Deliver services in an outcome and strength-focused manner.
  • Collaborate with other agencies around a shared intent.

For systems, ‘how to’:

  • Implement a unifying and cohesive practice approach and philosophy.
  • Change organisational practice culture.
  • Professionalise semi-skilled or non-clinical staff.
  • Design and implement strategic change processes.
  • Implement programs and services ‘at-scale’.