Science and Research

Intentional practice is underpinned by a growth-focused logic model (Life Buoyancy Model); designed, tested and refined through multiple working collaborations. The modelling and approach is drawn from:

  • Positive psychology science (including mindfulness).
  • Trauma-informed science.
  • Implementation science.

The following case studies, evaluation reports and journal articles document the applications and evidence supporting intentional practice (and growth-focused logic modelling). Collectively, they support the view that intentional practice can be applied as a methodology to:

  • Disentangle complexity.
  • Translate science to context.
  • Integrate multiple disciplines.
  • Bridge the ‘system’ to the ‘moment’ (or span system and practice).

Positive Education and School Settings

Clinical, Counselling and Coaching Applications

Therapeutic Residential Care (Trauma-Informed Practice)

Positive Psychology Program Design

Environmental Sustainability

Young Offenders and Wilderness Therapy

Foundational Underpinnings