Intentional Case Management

Intentional practice is an approach and set of methods to equip and empower case managers, case workers and practitioners to:

  • Deepen and personalise their case planning processes for individual clients, and to be able to operationalise these plans into moment-to-moment interactions and side-by-side growth planning processes.

Intentional Practice Re-framed as “Intentional Case Management”

Intentional case management is an approach and set of methods where support workers, case managers and practitioners:

  • Bring mindful awareness to everything they do, including the needs and contexts (e.g., trauma, developmental) of the people they support, the intent of their support, and how they are actioning this through their scripts and strategies.
  • Bring ongoing awareness to a client’s historical and current context.
  • ‘Respond to a client’s needs’, rather than react to surface behaviours.
  • Develop a shared ‘growth intent’ with their colleagues, and care teams, to support and grow clients.
  • To bring a ‘growth intent’ to each and every interaction with a client, and ensure this is visible in their minds and actions (even in crisis).
  • To intentionally deliver social-emotional learning, wellbeing and resilience content for the clients they support, and to apply both implicit and explicit learning strategies.
  • Develop personalised plans ‘for’ and ‘with’ clients, and in a manner that can be operationalised or actioned in moment-to-moment support.
  • To translate their case management or case plan goals into the next interaction.
  • Apply intentional support processes.

Taking System Based “Practice Frameworks” Into “Moment-To-Moment” Practice

Many therapeutic, child protection and community service programs are supported by a ‘practice framework’ or ‘set of practice principles’. This represents a ‘system’ level framework.

Intentional practice argues that client growth outcomes are only achieved when these ‘system principles’ or ‘components’ are operationalised by staff into practice, including moment-to-moment practice and growth planning.

Intentional practice provides an approach and set of methods to equip and empower case managers to take ‘practice principles’ into action

In other words, it is a method to ‘implement’ pre-existing therapeutic or practice frameworks/principles into action.

The following document articulates how intentional practice (and IMPACT Program) is being applied across a number of sites to ‘implement’ the SA Government Department of Child Protection “Practice Principles” (click here).

Key Questions For Case Managers

The following are key questions for case managers to consider prior to conducting their next point of client contact.

  • What is my intent for this next interaction or visit?
  • What outcomes am I working towards, and how will I act to achieve them?
  • How can I have an activating or growth effect?
  • Am I bringing a ‘growth intent’ to my support, or I am I focused on ‘compliance’, ‘managing risk’ or ‘seeking to change this client’?

Accredited Training In Intentional Practice

Across Australia, LBI Foundation have exclusive rights to the IMPACT Program as a competency-based method to equip and empower teachers and education communities to conduct intentional case management. . For additional information: